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Mon, Aug 25 2014
cbeams-glitter  San Francisco, CA
Posted on:

  Age: 25  
  Marital Status: Single  

listing image Personality tests* can never figure out if I'm an introvert or an extrovert and, to be honest, neither can I. I'm not at all a morning person. My dinosaur knowledge is probably better than yours. The origins of words and names are super interesting to me. I'm a hopeless animal lover, huge appreciator of nature and enthusiastic hiker/camper/explorer. I'm very adventurous with food and am always willing to splurge on a restaurant that's worth it. Also a big fan of craft beer, wine and whisk(e)y. I prefer sitting at a bar to clubbing. One of my best friends calls me "Dad" thanks to a) my somewhat retro taste in music, and b) my remarkable ignorance of what's new and hipMyers-Briggs haters can calm down, I don't take them any more seriously than you do.  .... (see more)
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