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Tue, Apr 15 2014
Radical_Melissa  San Francisco, CA
Posted on:

  Age: 35  
  Marital Status: Single  

listing image Queer, but that wasn't an option. I have a gorgeous long-term, very serious girlfriend who is also my best friend. Our relationship is open, transparent and respectful. I'm not trying to have a super serious relationship with you. Flings are cool and crushes are fun. I'm an anti-authoritarian, I work with kids all the time and I'm working on a fictional novel called "Dead Friends". My dislikes include cops and capitalism, but I'm also a pragmatist. Things get complex around these parts. My advocacy for kids and my work with them sometimes means I find myself in collusion with the state. I think about it all the time. I'm an omnivore and a guitar player - A minor is my favorite chord on the planet. I'm a big lady, a Black lady, a semi-retired punker, a Tom-Boy and a Diva. I don't like Beyonce, at all. Nina Simone and PJ Harvey walk into a barI watch tv shows on netflix. There's a lot of good dialogue being written in the 21st century. Otherwise, I'm a voracious reader. I am typically reading 3-4 books at a time, generally moving from fiction-essay-non-fiction-graphic novel. Science fiction in a few cases.  .... (see more)
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