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Tue, Aug 19 2014
PeterPannier  San Francisco, CA
Posted on:

  Age: 26  
  Marital Status: Single  

listing image I began life as 1 of those obnoxious Noe Valley stroller babies you see being trundled down 24th Street. Sensing the impending arrival of the Loma Prieta earthquake, my family quickly decamped to San Diego. Fast-forward through a bunch of productive, socially-awkward childhood years which culminated in my departure from the false paradise of Southern California to arrive in the frigid northeast. 5 Years and 3 changes of major later, I emerged, chiseled off several layers of ice, and migrated west to San Francisco. Since then, I've been doing my best to make a life and a career for myself out here in the city that never grows up. Under the heavy influence of my surrounding environment, I've gotten into biking (the fun kind and the dorky-shorts kind), running, trail racing, judgmental eating, and hand-wringing about the unsustainability of the present state of San Francisco. I'm generally happiest when I'm darting around the kitchen, running up a mountain, firing off questions, or plunging into a new data set.  .... (see more)
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